Corn Allergy List

    corn allergy

  • Corn/Maize allergy is a type of food allergy. It can be a difficult allergy to manage, particularly in the United States, due to the high number of food products which contain various forms of corn, such as corn starch, citric acid, modified food starch, vinegar, and vanilla, among many others.


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corn allergy list

Corona Lime Soap

Corona Lime Soap
This Corona Lime soap is made with real beer! Nothing but the goodness of beer, beer, beer in here. Beer is good for your skin and hair. I use my soaps as shampoo bars also. To the top I’ve added lime fragrance oil and enriched the whole darn thing with shea butter, liquid glycerin, castor oil and avocado oil! Full of moisturizing goodness 🙂

You will receive one bar of appoximately 5+ ounces and a mini Coronita bar a little over 1+ ounce. One bar for the bath and one for the sink! Oh my you’re really getting a deal today…

It’s good to let your soap air out between uses for a longer lasting bar. Store your handmade soaps in a cool dry place letting them breathe. I cut mine in quarters to make them last longer 🙂 and this way I can use a different soap everyday – yay me!

Hand crafted soaps are so good for your skin. No added chemicals and all the natural glycerin is retained. I’ll never go back to buying store bought chemically infiltrated soaps.

Allergies? Please read the listed ingredients. Thank you.

Coconut Olive Soy Palm
Avocado Castor Corn Canola Sweet Almond
Shea Butter Liquid Glycerin
Lye H2O
Corona Beer
Lime Fragrance Oil
Green Oxide


Aside from being full of grain, and containing corn (which triggers an allergy in many dogs), this food has two things in its ingredient list that should cause careful dogowners to run away very quickly: ‘byproduct meal’ and salt.

It also has things labeled as ‘flavors’ — if the food has decent ingredients, dogs will eat it without added ‘chicken flavor,’ so the fact that they have to put some in is a bad sign in itself.

For a food touted around as ‘recommended by veterinarians’ and claimed to be massively healthy, this label contains some really dodgy information.